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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Vessel Of Iniquity - The Path Unseen


Vessel of Iniquity are a group who fuse black metal, grindcore and harsh noise into a wonderfully blasphemous and fascinating whole. There is a twisted vision behind their music and a terrifying approach that I think fans of the underground will find themselves going in deep on as they attempt to understand the twisted ideologies and terrifying execution behind a record that is this aggressively esoteric and dense. The Path Unseen is a veritable masterwork, a sometimes hard to listen too masterwork, but a masterwork nonetheless. 

The Path Unseen is a potent step forward for Vessel Of Iniquity from their excellent 2021 release The Doorway, which itself was a step up from previous albums from this wonderfully prolific project. It sees the sound taken to massive new breadths and executed in a way that I think very few of the groups peers could even imagine. The execution of a track like "A Door Once Opened..." borders on the terrifying just with how huge it sounds. When Vessel Of Iniquity are at their best their music feels like it is unveiling the depths of space and you begin to realize just how insignificant and unimportant you are, and to be confronted by that with music is... it's a lot. 

This is another wonderful release from the always excellent Sentient Ruin. It very much ties into the labels ethos of releasing punishing, terrifying and incredibly heavy music. While this is certainly not a record for the uninitiated, for those of us who spend endless late nights in dive bars trying to experience some of the most intense music possible, it's a thrilling offering that rewards listeners for their dedication and perseverance. Vessel Of Iniquity have pushed themselves to new heights and leave listeners gawping in the face of a godless universe. You need The Path Unseen in your life. 

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