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Thursday, September 8, 2022

Vanda - Covenant Of Death


Every once in a while you discover a new death metal band who makes you go 'Holy shit'! Resonating with you like the first time you heard Entombed. Such is the case with Vanda, whose new record Covenant Of Death is an absolute stunner of melodic HM2 worship death metal. The crushing assault that they unleash on this record is delicious. It's a testament ot the ongoing power of death metal that a band could take so many of the traditional tropes of the genre and then turn them into something greater and more powerful.

Vanda are above all else killer songwriters. Their performances all over this record are to die for. The top notch guitar tone that they execute of course helps too and speaks to their talent as musicians. In general - the production on this record is great with everything sounding excellent and the songs never dragging on, as is so often the case for younger bands. Covenant Of Death is impressive for more than just those reasons though, there is a very real sense of "X Factor" here that has me entranced. This is a record that draws from a deep wellspring of influences and the groups ability to execute on them is what keeps me coming back. 

Covenant Of Death is a crusher any way you slice it. The top notch guitar riffs, the quality of the songwriting and the immaculate execution all come together to make for one of the most fun death metal offerings that I have heard in years. Vanda have found a way to reinterpet the steel in their own image, cracking skulls and drinking the blood of the innocent. Covenant Of Death is a record that takes you right back to the reasons you probably fell in love with death metal and will keep you coming back. Press play and turn it up, this will crush you.

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