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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Sarcator - Alkahest


Sarcator have been one of my favorite bands in the Swedish underground for a few years now. These extremely young blackened thrash upstarts impressed the world when they released their self titled debut as teenagers in 2020. Now the band is gearing up to release a follow up, entitled Alkahest. This offering showcases a very evolved sound for these young men, with all of the same breakneck energy matured by a few more years of songwriting experience. 

The larger spread of influences that impact Alkahest and the improved technical ability of the band members has helped move the needle of what Sarcator are capable of. The tension that brims on songs like "Dreameater" is delectable and speaks to how far these guys have evolved. That being said - at times it feels like the band needs to trim the fat. Given the stripped back nature of their debut I wasn't really expecting songs nearing the ten minute mark on the follow up. That beign said - I admire their vision and the approach they seek to execute. 

All this being said - Sarcator are still an impressive force in the underground. They are dealing death with aplomb and the level of vision and skill that they bring to their music speaks to the world of possibilities that await them. It's a delight to really immerse yourself in the crushing torment that they've painted here and the blackened thrash ministrations that thrilled listeners on the debut are evolved upon here. There's a bright future for Sarcator as one of Sweden's most exciting new bands. I advise jumping on the bandwagon before it's too late.

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