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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Wizzerd - Space?: Issue No.001


Every once in a while you hear a band take things to the next level in a way you weren't fully sure was possible for them. Such is the case with Wizzerd and their thrilling new record Space?: Issue No.001. This record sees them building on everything that they've hinted at in their discography before into one potent cohesive whole that can't help but to impress with its clarity of vision, inherent musicality and quality of execution. This is a stoner rock record for the ages, one that says "We are Wizzerd and we are here to shred your fucking face off." 

Space?: Issue No.001 is a thriller any way you slice it. This is a record that seems built aroudn the jam with endless fun guitar licks, shredding solos, massive choruses and an overarching sense that the band are still building towards something greater. As they build towards the final climax on "Final Departure Part I: the Intergalactic Keep of the Illustrious Cosmic Woman" (Song name brevity is not Wizzerd's strong suit) you get the impression that there is still so much further this thing could go. Wizzerd have evolved past so many of the errors of their early days as a band to craft something that is stunning. It's a long promised record that I am thrilled to see matches the expectation and hints at so much more that this band could one day be. 

Wizzerd have gone and done it. It makes me so happy to hear a record from a band this young executed with this level of maturity, but years of hard touring, constant recording and spinning apparently infinite records has put them in a place that is wholly their own, that speaks to a vision that I think is going to only get better with time, even if now, it's pretty goddamn good. With a dense web of influences and a gorgeous sounding record, Wizzerd are daring once more into the breach and I think many of us would do well to pay attention!

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