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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Strigoi - Viscera

Strigoi are a truly potent project emerging from the ashes of Vallenyfyre to craft their own brand of metal magic. What makes Viscera interesting is how the bands distinctly unsettling take on riff-heavy sludge and death metal has really started to coalesce into something identifiable and fascinating. The crushing assault of a track like "Hollow" is thrilling, and even as you listen you can feel yourself getting dragged into a bloody pit of horror. The suffocating crush that the band has managed to piece together is truly thrilling and twisted. 

The quality of the performances is also something that shouldn't be ignored. The compositions are deep and a lot of the songwriting here is just on another level. The assault of this record is gut wrenching and spine tingling at best. The sense of internal torment that the band so eagerly ties into their music is disturbingly relatable. The growls, with their clear enunciation and bottom scraping girth are strangely entrancing and will keep you enamored and unable to look away from what has been crafted here. Strigoi have found a way to unveil the negative and navigate listeners into a world of internal torment that we can all find solace in. 

As you immerse yourself in the crunch of Viscera it becomes increasingly clear that Strigoi have really taped into something wonderfully human on this record and it is weirdly easy to connect with what has been unveiled before us here. Strigoi is a one of a kind band and a project that seems to have a clear direction and sense for its own twisted future. Letting yourself get lost in these genre blurring layers is delightful and speaks to the groups capacity as songwriters. This is genre hopping extreme metal done right and you need it in your life.

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