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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The Skyspeakers - Echo Hall


Indianapolis has one of the more interesting heavy music scenes in Pethe country. There are so many good bands emerging from the region and a community that seems genuinely supportive. So much of this is captured in Echo Hall the dynamic debut from The Skyspeakers. A record that defies easy genre categorization other than 'heavy', The Skyspeakers layer male and female vocals, sludgy riffs and creative use of saxophone and synths to create something that is wholly their own. It's a unique offering quite unlike anything else going on in heavy music right now. 

While this is very clearly a debut and some ideas are being worked out still, the overall vision behind The Skyspeakers is incredible sound and speaks to their overarching skill as songwriters. There's something really charming and powerful about bands with unique lineups, especially when they really seek to integrate the different unique elements rather than being 'doom metal, but this time with saxophone!' like so many of their peers. When listening to Echo Hall listeners really get a sense for just how talented the individual musicians in The Skyspeakers are. Be it on the singalong magic of the album opener "Learn To Feel" or the more ambient stuff on "Ghost House" there is a clear dynamic behind the music that makes it addictive. 

Echo Hall is a really powerful and interesting offering. It's a record that is going to thrill listeners of all stripes and once which hints at so much more to come. Personally I'm very excited to dive once more into what The Skyspeakers are doing when new material is read.y AS for now, this is a really unique band gracing the heavy scene with a vision that is different but never too artsy. Rather it's a sumptuous offering that fits in nicely next to high concept doom metal without ever really straying into the genre. Press play - it's an intriguing listen.

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