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Saturday, October 22, 2022

Black Anvil - Regenesis


Black Anvil have long been one of the most fascinating acts in the USBM scene. Be it because of their deep roots in the hardcore scene (Members have performed with Kill Your Idols, Madball, and many more) or just their unique take on the genre with its wonderfully wicked performances and vision. With their new album Regenesis, the band takes their sound to bold new places. This record is dynamic, powerful and clearly the best work of Black Anvil's career by far. It's an album that has a transcendent magic and a vision that really speaks to all they have built over the years. 

Every once in a while you find a record that can be understood by looking at its artwork. Such is the case with Regenesis. It's an album that is simple on the surface but allows many layers of esoteric complexity and does have an overarching sense of infinity that you can't avoid. It's a record that really shows Black Anvil executing at a whole new, much higher level, exciting listeners with a sound that they've been working for the past 5 years to polish. This is a record that speaks to that sense of grind and sets Black Anvil apart as one of the titans in the USBM scene. 

Regenesis is masterful. The band takes on new elements and builds upon old ones. There are moments of pop wizardry, like on Silver Steele counterbalanced with black metal sorcery. The end result is a record that thrills with its dynamic and multifaceted approach. It's a record that shows their still is life in the USBM scene, and a record that I think will keep fans coming back, curious to delve deeper into what has been put together here. Black Anvil are perennial favorites for a reason, and Regenesis is the next piece of that legacy.

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