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Friday, October 21, 2022

Drudkh - All Belong To The Night

Drudkh are back, and with perhaps the most important record of their career. Coming in the wake of so much suffering, this is an album that has the potential to be career defining for the Ukranian black metal legends. All Belong To The Night is an emotionally powerful and very beautiful record, an offering that captures the imagination and seems to continually force us to delve deeper into the unique history of a band that has come to represent its country in the world of black metal. Remaining secretive and true, this is black metal done right, with a desire for the true underground. 

All Belong To The Night is a transcendent record. It's an album that captures so much of the power of the underground and that thrills listeners with its atavistic magic, and willingness to look back into the past. There is a very real potency to All Belong To The Night that I don't think we've really heard from this band before. Drudkh have pushed themselves above and beyond here and it is a delight to immerse yourself in the magic of what's been done here. This is a record that feels above all, ancient but also uniquely positioned to speak to their country's current plight. Drudkh have always been a band apart and losing yourself in their divine misery is endlessly fascinating. 

This is a transcendent and powerful release, one that ties in elegantly to Drudkh's classic themes of drudgery but which also seems to push them in exciting new directions. After decades of doing this, it makes sense that Drudkh are among the best in the game, but this offering feels like something else entirely. While very much in line with the projects previous work you can tell they dug deep on this one. These songs are truly unique, beautiful and all encompassing. Let yourself dive in and come to a deeper understanding of one of this generations best bands. 

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