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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Hammers of Misfortune - Overtaker


Hammers Of Misfortune are back with aplomb. Holy shit. This new album, the bands first in six years is absolutely stunning in every sense of the word. With a sound that can only be described as "King Crimson meets 80's thrash" and touting most of the The Locust Years era lineup with the addition of Vektor's former rhythm section (!!!) Overtaker is a truly incredible, exciting and one of a kind thrash metal release that longtime fans of the band are going to completely lose themselves in - this is seriously already one of my top albums of 2022. 

The current evolution on Hammers of Misfortune's sound has been described by the band as "Psychedelic Thrash" and I personally would be hard pressed to find a better descriptor. Overtaker stuns every step of the way with its off kilter approach that seems to owe more to John Cobbet and partner Sigrid Sheie's other band, Vhol, more than anything else. Overtaker speaks to the relentless and jaw dropping majesty of Hammers of Misfortune and all that they have accomplished over the past twenty plus years. It's a record that required insane technical proficiency to record (Anderson seriously sparkles on this) but also one whose vision seems almost too epic to grasp, even after four or five listens. 

Overtaker is a sleeper case for metal album of the year. This is a record that brings together so many unexpected and exciting elements in a way that feels almost punishingly logical. When you're presented with the end result of what these musical geniuses have been able to create here it's hard not to be thrilled with all that has been done. Hammers of Misfortune have pushed things over the top and left me completely in awe with this release. Overtaker is a one of a kind journey into darkness forgotten. You need it in your life. 

Pre-order the album!  

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