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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Cimmerian Possession - Sadistic Storm

It's Thursday morning. I'm cold. I don't want to work. Time to break out the crusty Mexican death metal am I right? Such is the power of Cimmerian Possession and their punishing new record, Sadistic Storm. Featuring members of other Mexican metal favorites including Obscurity Revealed, Ravenous Death and Infesticide, Cimmerian Possession lay out 4 lessons in violence in this thrilling new EP. Very much a record for fans of bands like Wolfbrigade and their ilk, this is crusty death metal done right, loud, violent and with a sense that it could all fall apart. 

There is a demented and almost transcendent magic to Sadistic Storm. You find yourself getting lost in the teeth gnashing madness of songs like Flames with the doomy riffs that counterpoint all the blast beats going on. It's a delight to really get immersed in so many of these sounds. As stripped back as Cimmerian Possession tend to be, they still manage to conjure up some very impressive sonic landscapes. There is a stark sense of evil that defines so many of the riffs behind Cimmerian Dawn and it leaves listeners like me desperately curious for what's going to come next. 

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