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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Hiss From The Moat - The Way Out Of Hell


16 years in and the fire still burns. Such is the magic of Hiss From The Moat. Their new album, The Way Out Of Hell is an absolute barn stormer. A release that leaves behind so many of their deathcore roots and sees them fully embracing the world of blackened death metal, The Way Out Of Hell is a thriller on so many levels. This is a record that speaks to the sublime inner darkness of this music and which, after repeat listens will draw you deep into the existential nightmare and potent sonic vortex that has begun to shape their future. 

The Way Out Of Hell is impressive because of how it resolves its various influences. While the sound of the band is clearly firmly rooted in modern blackened death metal, there are still moments that feel tied into deathcore and other genres. For instance - the trademark bounce that shapes "The Killing Of Innocence" wouldn't be out of place on a Suicide Silence song. This all being said - Hiss From The Moat do an impressive job of shaping their own distinct sense of email and impressing with the bottomless pit of darkness that fuels so many of these tracks. It draws listeners in and then reminds them of the fragility of their own existence. 

Hiss From The Moat is an impressive band to say the least, and The Way Out Of Hell is a potent next step for them. There is a very real magic to what is being accomplished here, and the tremolo picked riffs, gnarled vocals and unrelenting drums come together to make this an offering that I think many of the bands peers will come to admire. Hiss From The Moat are a premier Italian metal force for a reason. Letting yourself get lost in their unique brand of carnage is something every metalhead should do when this drops Friday.


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