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Friday, October 21, 2022

Elder - Innate Passage


The evolution Elder has had over the years has been incredible. From young kids who desperately wanted to sound like Sleep, to the prog metal gods they are today, they have always impressed. It feels like this latest offering, Innate Passage is on a different level. There is a certain thrill, a potent energy that drives Innate Passage forward that sets it apart from anything else the band has ever done. With this release Elder prove that they truly are one of a kind, brilliantly fusing 70s prog frills with heavy riffs and so much more. 

This is the bands second album with their current lineup, and the level of comfort is clear. After presumably spending the pandemic writing this record, we are left with what is by far Elder's most nuanced and structured work to date. It's a rare band who can drop an album of five songs over 8 and a half minutes long and have them all be extremely compelling, but Elder is one such band. This is helped in large part by completely gorgeous production. It's so delightful to lose yourself in the shimmering guitars of a track like "Coalescence". Every piece here feels like a movement in a classical composition, and when you finally get to the end it feels like a new beginning. 

Innate Passage is a stunner, any way you slice it. This is a record that has firmly built on a long history in the underground and continually speaks to the power of artistic development. Even though Elder may now be a far cry from those three teenagers from Massachusetts who love stoner metal, there is still a clear link back to that. This current era of the band is completely thrilling, powerful and all encompassing. You need to let yourself get lost in these compositions because what Elder have done here transcends so much of their past work and proves that they are solidly among the best to ever do it. This is a record that feels good to listen too and you need it in your life. 

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