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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Ground - Habitual Self-Abuse


Jersey grindcore kings, Ground are back with perhaps their sickest offering to date. Habitual Self-Abuse is an immediate and powerful record unveiling a level of violence that I don't think we've seen from Ground yet. This is a record that immediately ties into their most demented tendencies, fusing slam, grind and hardcore into something that is distinctly their own. The songwriting on this record is some of the bands strongest to date, but even a decade in they haven't lost sight of the grime that marks so much of their roots. 

Habitual Self-Abuse has a certain gnarliness that sets the band apart. There is a sneering madness to these tracks, where even the most supportive ones, like "Mental Health Matters" come off with a sense of demented off kilter madness. It makes for addictive listening from a band who deeply understand the power of this music and who seem determined to keep delivering within it at an extremely high level. there is a blasphemous vision that keeps us coming back, but Habitual Self Abuse is a one of a kind masterwork in the twisted nature of its execution. This is grind done right, with a sense of inner turmoil that few of the bands peers can emulate. 

It's such a delight to really sink your teeth into the pointed grinding of this band and their distinct approach to this whole thing. There are so many killer grooves here that keep me coming back to Habitual Self-Abuse, in awe of the pummeling assault that they can unleash. Ground have clearly spent a long time crafting this record and it serves as a concrete leveling up for the band that speaks to how much more is going to come down the line for these skull cracking vagabonds of the South Jersey world. Get ready for this to drop and crack heads next week!

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