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Monday, October 24, 2022

Ymir - Aeons Of Sorrow

Ymir impressed the black metal underground 2 years ago when they finally returned from extended hibernation to release their self titled debut full length. Now the band is back, with a revamped lineup of Finnish black metal masters for their second album, the thrilling and endlessly impressive blasphemy that is Aeons Of Sorrow. A record that pushes beyond just traditional Finnish black metal tropes, but stays firmly rooted in the genre, Aeons Of Sorrow is a crushing offering that fans of the genre are going to find themselves gravitating towards. 

What gets me about this album is the immediate sense of claustrophobic and frostbitten misery that defines so much of the music. Tracks like "Witches" have a very real sense of darkness that few of the bands peers can properly emulate. Meanwhile the gut wrenching assault of the rhythm section provides a fitting underpinning to pummeling guitars and unrelenting vocals. there is a sense of torment throughout this offering that is sure to keep listeners coming back, addicted to more of the frigid evil that shapes so much of this incredible band and all that they have come to craft over the last few years of black metal torment. 

Aeons Of Sorrow is an absolute crusher, any way you slice it. It's a record that is immaculate in its conception and which delivers on its twisted visions with aplomb. Ymir have proven once more that they are among the greats in the Finnish black metal scene and that a great idea, even after decades of hibernation can emerge once more to take the world by storm. Atavistic and unapologetic, this is Finnish black metal done right, and destined to drag you with them all the way back to hell. You need this in your life.

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