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Monday, November 14, 2022

Azketem - Azetik


Now this is an interesting one. Azketem are a German metal force, and their new record Azetik is a potent, atavistic and darker than dark offering that will leave you grasping at your sanity and wondering where it all went wrong. There is something wonderfully addictive and demented about this band and their bleak vision of a twisted future. It's a delight to really let yourself go down the rabbit hole of despair that Azketem paint with their washed out vocals and droning guitars that lure you into monochromatic sound vortices. 

Azetik impresses with the sort of otherworldly nature of the compositions. Tracks like "Glistened Ardent Evandenexed Stigma" are simply mesmerizing and keep listeners coming back, in awe of the frozen darkness that they so eagerly illustrate time and time again. The black and white beauty of Azketem's music is mesmerizing, when you turn this record on, there's no simply turning it off, instead you find yourself wrapped up in a world of myth and darkness, wandering, not to find the way out, but rather to experience every nook and cranny of an album that seems focused on capturing the imagination with understated elegance. 

There is a lot to love with Azetik, and while it's certainly not an album that's breaking new ground it is a record that devout fans of the genre are going to find themselves getting lost in and wanting more of. This is black metal done right, with a healthy understanding of the genres inherent bombast without ever getting lost in any of the baubles that draw posers away from the path of true black metal brilliance. Azketem are a one of a kind force and letting yourself get pummeled by this type of black metal assault is a delight. 

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