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Monday, November 21, 2022

Woods of Desolation - The Falling Tide

Every once in a while I get a record in my inbox that is, from the first, one of the best things to be done in the genre all year, if not ever. Such is the case with Woods Of Desolation and their new album The Falling Tide. This record brings something truly potent to the fore, it's anthemic and powerful, beautifully written and gorgeously arranged black metal of the sort that very few people could even dream of being able to conjure up. Woods of Desolation have outdone themselves on this album making the long wait between releases extremely worthwhile.

While D. the mastermind behind this project has been busy with other bands like Forest Mysticism and Remete, it's been eight years since we've had new music from Woods of Desolation, and it's clear why he spent so much time. This record is a veritable masterwork, a stunning offering that is emotional, intense and all around thrilling. This is black metal of a sort that elevates the genre to a new level, inspiring listeners and even moving some to tears. Woods Of Desolation's anthemic and beautiful compositions have really elevated their work to a whole new level and spoken to the inherent majesty of this genre when executed with this level of aplomb. 

The Falling Tide is a thrilling offering and one that I think will have appeal far beyond the world of black metal. There are some releases that are just good music above all, and this is one such release. Woods Of Desolation have gone above and beyond here. This is black metal done with a sense of triumph and glory that few other offerings can emulate. I suspect I'll find myself coming back to this one consistently. It's a jaw dropper of a release and one that listeners will find themselves in awe of with every repeated listen. It's that good. 

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