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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Schavot - Kronieken uit de nevel


It's Wednesday and that means it's time for second wave melodic black metal decadence. It's delivered this week from the burning soul of Schavot, a Dutch one man black metal project created by Floris, perhaps best known for his work in Asgrauw. There is a wonderful sense of flaming steel that really fuels this record and makes it a compelling listen, an album that drags at the heart and crushes bones. It's unrelenting and crippling melodic black metal to leave you gasping for air. This is black metal done right, and with blazing hearts towards none. 

With this record I have been particularly entranced with the quality of the songwriting and the principles behind the execution. There is a really excellent flow to Kronieken uit de nevel that makes it all the more compelling and speaks to the bands talent as creators. There is something otherworldly and powerful about the way that Floris is able to channel Schavot into a veritable metal machine, blasting forward with unrelenting riffs and a sense of inner despair that only the greats of the genre have effectively been able to reproduce. It's clear that the initial promise shown on their debut Galgenbrok was no fluke, but merely the shape of grimness to come. 

Kronieken uit de nevel is a thrilling record and on e that I think many black metal fans are going to find themselves falling in love with. Schavot have managed to expertly craft a twisted sense of underground darkness and keep me at least returning to the well. Even as I sit here on my third listen, it's easy to find new intricacies in the music and wonderful visions that have helped to shape the whole thing into something greater. Kronieken uit de nevel is impressive and speaks to the enduring power of the Dutch scene. Join them in their blasphemies.

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