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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Re-Buried - Repulsive Nature


Re-Buried are the death metal band who haunt your nightmares. This colossal Seattle based project is absolutely monumental, leaning into colossal riffs, crushing production and a blistering assault to leave listeners gasping for air. Featuring members of both Un and Forn and engineered by the one and only Billy Anderson, this is death metal done right, with a blistering assault and a terrifying sense of sonic decapitation. Re-Buried are more than just hangers on, these are guys who have been deep in the scene for years and are crafting more crushing music than ever. 

There is something wonderfully charming about the brutarian stomp and relatively stripped back harshness of Re-Buried's music. Songs like "Hypocrisy Incarnate" have an old school Cannibal Corpse energy that makes for music that resonates within your skull and cripples any thought. The songwriting here is spectacular, while there are very few, if any, nods to the band members doom metal roots,  one can tell that this is the work of veterans, well versed in the art of extremity. It's a delight to really let yourself get lost in the crush and experience an assault like few others, perfectly designed to leave you gasping for air, and unrepentant in its misery. 

Repulsive Nature is a monumental offering. It's a record that cracks skulls and leaves you thrilled for more. This is what death metal was always meant to be about and the punishing melee of tracks like "Smoldering Remnants" is far too much fun. This is death metal done with a lust for blood, bottom scraping and dungeon dwelling. It's music that reminds us why exactly we fell in love with this music in the first place and continually gives you reason enough to come back. Re-Buried are here to crack your skull in. Will you embrace it? 

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