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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Vampyric Tyrant - Zorn Und Hass

It's a lazy Saturday for me - so what to do other than listen to old school, brutally nostalgic vampyric black metal? Vampyric Tyrant are some wonderfully atavistic pursuants of the genre and their new EP, Zorn Und Hass (Translation: Anger and Hate) is 19 minutes of gloriously angry, twisted and monochromatic black metal. Benefiting from old school production, twisted compositions and devilish sounds, Zorn Und Hass is an absolute thriller. Especially for those of us who remain obsessed with 80s black metal classics in all of their stripped down glory. 

Zorn Und Hass may be understated and wicked, but it's a lot of fun to really lean into the bitter imagery and twisted mind of the band as they craft blasting sounds and tremolo picked rhythms that guide you into frozen winterscapes full of things that should not be. The sense of torment that rings through on this band, especially with tracks like "Vereinsamung" is not to be taken for granted, and the high speed assault only adds to this sense of mad butchery. This is black metal done in a way that doesn't care about any developments in the genre, it's focused on stripping the music back to its wonderfully demonic and tortured core. 

Vampyric Tyrant are an impressive black metal duo whose work should not be taken for granted. It's black metal that rubs raw and immerses itself into the eternal darkness and torment that makes so many of the bese bands so compelling. There is a really glorious sense of twisted sorrow that you can't escape here and the inherent bombast of the music is charming and powerful. Purity Through Fire consistently finds stunners, and this is another potent offering in what has become one of the most impressive catalogs in black metal.

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