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Thursday, December 22, 2022

A Diadem Of Dead Stars - Emerald Sunsets


A Diadem of Dead Stars are a Greek black metal band with a deep respect for the classic traits of the genre. Founded by the enigmatic The Pilgrim, also of The Seal of R'Lyeh and Barak Tor, the bands take on 'Misty lowlands black metal' is emotional and powerful. This latest release, Emerald Sunsets is a compilation of a few rarities from across the groups varied discography, and comes together to be a fitting testimony to the bands continued magic. This is a record that ties into so many of the classic elements of the genre and continually executes on them in new and powerful ways. 

There is a breadth to the vision of Emerald Sunsets that consistently reminds us of how talented and dark the magic of A Diadem Of Dead Stars' work is. It's a record that, while not straying too far from the classic elements of the genre, does an excellent job of crafting its own distinct vibe. The washed out vocals, and eerie melodies ride on top of punchy rhythms to make for a compelling and endlessly interesting listen. It's a record that acts as a testament ot the wonderfully bitter torment of this music and the unique soundworlds that A Diadem of Dead Stars so skillfully navigates and contributes too. Emerald Sunsets is a larger than life release in so many ways, and allowing yourself to get lost in its vision is a real delight. 

 At its finest Emerald Sunsets is able to showcase some of the bands most transcendent work. While these tracks are borrowed from a few different sides of the A Diadem of Dead Stars discography, the through line that connects all of these is strong .This is a wonderfully coherent offering, much more clear minded than your usual 'odds and ends' release. If you're looking for a gentle and beautiful wander through black metal soundscapes then you could do a lot worse than this. A Diadem of Dead Stars have long since established their reputation as masters of their craft. This record is a triumphant anthology of that ongoing legacy. 

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