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Friday, December 23, 2022

Uranium - An Exacting Punishment


There's still a few days left in the year, so plenty of time to hear one of the most abrasive things I've had the pleasure to experience. Uranium's new album An Exacting Punishment is an absolute crusher, a twisted and heavy offering that unleashes pure darkness. This level of blasphemy, as one might expect, comes from the one and only Sentient Ruin label. It's such a delight to get lost in the filth of what they have created here and the utterly bitter and oppressive morass that they have wrought to leave us in terror of what's to come. 

It's rare that a recording comes across my desk that is this level of nihilistic and torturous. The assault that they unveil all throughout An Exacting Punishment is wonderfully primitive in nature. These songs reek of decay, and the fuzzy distortion that pads every single one of them only adds to the sense that you've discovered something perhaps best left forgotten. Uranium have managed to unveil pure modern day insanity on this release and hearing them break down the layers of sound is a delight. It's rare that you find an album that has this same level of darkness throughout, and yet doesn't immediately turn off the listener. Rather it benefits from its own blackened murk. 

When you descend into the bubbling pit that is Uranium's music, you quickly know you are in for something distinctly upsetting. But when you let yourself really soak it in, and absorb the layers of dementia, you quickly see that Uranium have tapped into something deeply, and upsettingly human. The breadth of sounds and discomfort of the music reminds me of how it felt to hear SWANS for the first time as a kid. Rare are the artists who can craft music that sounds this ugly. Letting yourself really stare at it, warts and all might leave you questioning your sanity. 

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