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Monday, December 5, 2022

Abysmal Lord - Bestiary of Immortal Hunger

It's interesting how rare it is for American bands to really understand how to craft bestial black metal in the same way that the South American or Finnish bands seem capable of doing with ease. However - Abysmal Lord is a wonderful example of a US based band doing this with aplomb. There is a wonderfully twisted magic to their new album Bestiary Of Immortal Hunger that helps to draw me in and attracts me to the tormented realities that they paint with their terrifying and twisted approach to the genre that seems to revel in its own morbid, tyrannical madness. 

Bestiary Of Immortal Hunger is devilishly triumphant in its despair and the demented way that it consistently assaults the senses. The raw nature of the music dramatically contributes to the relentless approach of the album. The punishing and unrelenting blasts on a track like "Antisemen of Ceremonial Pseudochrist" (Helluva song title by the way)is addictive and the gurgling and unholy vocals feel positively blasphemous in the best possible way. Abysmal Lord consistently prove on this record that they understand the most dungeon dwelling and bottom scraping aspects of the genre and then deliver on them with bloodthirsty audacity. 

There is something kind of comforting to know that there is still raw, evil and gloriously fucked up black metal like this coming out of the States. It's important that we remember, in an age of polished bands (Some of whom truly are excellent) that there is still a place for the demented blast fiends who helped start this all. I, like so many of you am obsessed with the bitter darkness of the underground and letting myself get immersed in these pits of depravity is what gives me strength through the bitterness of the day to day. You probably need this too. 

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