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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Arditi - Emblem of Victory


It's Sunday evening. I need to work out. But first - time for some martial industrial from the legends of the genre themselves, Arditi! After a quarter of a century of dark and moody music, the old masters of the craft are stronger than ever. This latest offering Emblem Of Victory is a masterful record, subdued and powerful music that sits nicely in the background of an afternoon of work, but which is also layered enough as to merit focused listening. It's very much within the classic Arditi oeuvre and immersing yourself in it is a delight. 

Emblem Of Victory is a potent record. It's interesting though because the entire offering, as with much of Arditi's music is kind of subdued. The songs are dark, heavy rhythmic affairs but rarely with key melodies that really draw you in, the idea is much more focused around the vibe that they create, and the vibe is wonderfully martial. This album strips back so much of the bands sound and allows them to really lean into the darkness that makes their music so wonderful. The thoroughly bleak and industrial production allows the music to shine, you get images of soldiers, marching to war, navigating a forest or simply immersed in trenches and gritting their teeth. The soundworlds are fascinating.

Unsettling and powerful, this is martial industrial done right, Arditi know because they were among the key innovators of the genre. There is something magical about this offering that will draw you in time and time again. It's grim, unforgiving and undeniably masculine. It's hard not to be impressed by the darkness conjured up and the sonic atmospheres that seem to perfectly reflect the fog of war as it settles down upon the Western Front. Undeniably old feeling and wonderfully monochromatic, Emblem Of Victory is a stunner. 

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  2. Wow, Arditi's "Emblem of Victory" is an absolute masterpiece! Sunday evening vibes with a workout on the horizon, and what better soundtrack than the legends of martial industrial themselves. Over a quarter of a century in the game, and Arditi is still bringing the thunder. This latest album is a triumph, delivering subdued yet powerful music that effortlessly accompanies an afternoon of work or demands focused listening.