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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Sarcoptes - Prayers To Oblivion


There are few better ways to kick off a Tuesday morning than by listening to black metal. Sarcoptes are a band who are happy to provide, with their impressive new album Prayers To Oblivion unraveling across five tracks full of bleak emotions and lyrics obsessed with war. With songs that tell stories in chronological order from World War One to the Vietnam War this is a massive feeling record that has a sort of larger than life impact upon the listener as they try to wrap their head around the depth of this offering and what Sarcoptes have accomplished here. 

I think what impresses me the most about this album is how Sarcoptes are able to borrow from ideas all across the black metal spectrum, but they all sort of make sense in the larger context of the band. Prayers To Oblivion is a record that shows an equal level of comfort with frostbitten blast beats as it does with atmospheric and symphonic black metal. There is a lot to really immerse yourself in with Sarcoptes, and while at times the blend of styles can feel a bit jarring, the way that the songs are put together, especially the longer tracks like "The Trenches" and "Dead Silence" has an undeniable logic. It's easy to want to come back to them. 

Prayers To Oblivion is an impressive record from a band who still seem like they are evolving into something greater. Years of work went into this release and I get the impression that the band is delving into a greater whole. There is an undeniable magic and the bands deep understanding of the genre continually is a boon to them as they craft ever more fascinating, darker odes to suffering. Let yourself get lost in these sprawling sound worlds with me and come out the other side having experienced one of the most potent USBM acts going today.

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