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Friday, December 9, 2022

Ahab - The Coral Tombs


Ahab are back after eight long years of silence. This new offering The Coral Tombs sees the band continuing their trends of nautical doom metal and capturing the imagination with potent songwriting, heartfelt performances and stunning execution. It's hard not to be thrilled by the breadth and magic of what The Coral Tombs represents to listeners. It's doom metal done right, with a sense of bombast and grandiosity that can't help but to thrill. This is a group executing at the top of their game and leaving us all in awe. 

There are so many gorgeous layers to this album. The band stays true to their classic formula, but the truly emotional vocal performances and the dynamic songwriting is really entrancing. Songs like "Aegri Somnia" are veritable transcendent journeys that leave you in awe. The emotional depth and resonance of what is being done across these compositions is fascinating and speaks to the skill these guys bring to the table as composers. There is simply so much to fall in love with and the bands versatility is on full display on this record. Hearing them elegantly splay out these potent offerings and leave us in awe is thrilling. It's what makes this music so fascinating. 

The Coral Tombs is a stunner and a very early front runner for best doom metal album of 2023. The band has carved out something unique and emotionally resonant. These threnodies are practically dirges and guaranteed to leave you in awe. The way that Ahab are able to craft stories and take you on a journey across massive swells of music is truly exciting. This is doom metal done right, with a sense of its own epic nature and guaranteed to leave you curious to delve ever deeper into what is being done by the masters of it all. 

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