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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Rokets - Break Free


Rokets are a hard hitting rock and roll band with high power riffs, big choruses and acrobatic guitar performances. In other words - the perfect way to kick your day off on the right foot. It's very much in the vein of other bands on The Sign - so if you love this remarkably consistent label as I do then Break Free is going to resonate within your soul. It's exactly the sort of rock and roll magic to keep you grooving, excited and perpetually diving into the underground darkness that makes this type of music such a delight to immerse yourself in. 

While Break Free has no surprises the execution throughout is absolutely flawless. There are moments on this record that feel completely anachronistic with modern rock music, but which are executed with aplomb. For instance the Scandirock magic of a track like "Night Time" with its "Oooh ooh" outro seems silly but when done with conviction it's great. Another crucial piece of this record is that all of the tracks are fairly short. The absolute longest song, the album closer "Roket Roots" is only 2:48. The concise songwriting allows for much more compelling performances, with a strong sense unity throughout. It's thrilling. 

Break Free is a very fun offering that I think people who are excited to shake, rattle and roll their way through the week are going to fall in love with. Rokets have a deep and fundamental understanding of Scandirock that allows them to really shine. These songs reflect the burning magic of rock and roll and this iteration of it seems eager to lean into all of the most exciting elements of its most classic tropes. Let yourself get lost in the magic because Break Free is a wonderfully engaging, gloriously tight release and you need it in your life!

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