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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Negative Vortex - Tomb Absolute


Very few bands understand the nature of death doom. It requires a special band to really be able to execute on the riffs and the demented songwriting styles that you need to differentiate yourself when playing the genre. Negative Vortex though are masters of the craft. Their new record Tomb Absolute is n absolute crusher, a record that is filled to the brim with punishing riffs and which is guaranteed to drag you down into hell with them as you seek to get any sort of grasp on the demented assault that they so eagerly pour out of their amplifiers. 

Negative Vortex also clearly have a deep understanding of the emotional resonance that this kind of music can have when done properly. There is a crushing pain that they unveil with bitter aplomb through t this album. It's such a delight to really immerse yourself in the unrelenting darkness and the bitter energies that craft so many of the twisted ministrations behind this music. Tomb Absolute impresses because of how epic it sounds, without of course leaning into any sort of silly tropes. Rather you have a record that feels massive, like mountains moving as you try to wrap your head around the monolithic power of what has been unleashed. 

Death doom is not a genre to be approached lightly, but there is nothing light, or subtle about Tomb Absolute. This is crushing music done unapologetically and with a desire to crack your fucking skull in. When you turn this record up you find yourself getting casually pumelled by gorgeous guitar tones and monumental riffs. It's an album that leans into all of the things that make their chosen genre so good and then executes on all of them time and time again. Lose yourself in these twisted riffs, you're going to love it.

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