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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Atomwinter - Sakrileg


It's Christmas Eve - so what better time for some German death doom. Such is the magic of Atomwinter and their crushing new album Sakrileg. These murk dwelling masters of their craft consistently unveil wonderfully bleak darkness throughout their new album, and while it does suffer from a muddy mix, the overarching sentiment is wonderfully devilish. The muddiness of the music almost adds a new level to the blasphemy at hand and lets you really immerse yourself in trying to understand the filth that is on display here.

There is a crushing assault that they bring to the table on tracks like "Brutal Scriptures" that is really reflective of the power of the genre. The monolithic riffs and grinding chainsaw guitars drag listeners to hell with them and leave them gasping for air. It's death doom with an emphasis on the 'death' but unafraid to lean into the more devastating sides of the genre. Sakrileg is an absolutely monstrous record at best and one that I think consistently will get listeners ever more excited with the bleak darkness and uncompromising heaviness that they bring to the table at their sickest moments. It's  wondrously vomit inducing. 

Atomwinter understand the devastating and terrifying power of this genre and with their Kerry King inspired solos and laser focused riffs deliver on a promise of soul melting death doom. In terms of bands that feel like a soundtrack to the apocalypse, Atomwinter do a great job of unleashing hell. Sakrileg is the bands first offering in five years, but it has the maturity of a much more seasoned band. It feels certain to me that these guys will end up tapping into something greater, darker and all around more entrancing. Let yourself get lost in these riffs.

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