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Monday, December 26, 2022

Seven Doors - Feast of the Repulsive Dead


You've gotta love sick solo death metal projects. Especially from an artist who really has a deep grasp of the magic of 90s death metal. Seven Doors debut full length, Feast of the Repulsive Dead comes after a few years of EP's and splits. This debut is a fully fledged and entrancing masterwork, a devastating record that really leans into some of the most wonderfully twisted aspects of the genre and leaves us in awe of so much of the destruction to come. It's hard not to be charmed by the hatred that Seven Doors spew out so easily. 

I think what really charms me about this record is how deep Seven Doors understanding of the genre goes. Everything here is flawlessly executed, from the massive guitar tone to the wonderfully flashy and well written solos. In a world where there are so many pretenders and cheap imitations, Feast Of The Repulsive Dead stands out as a stellar tribute to classic death metal. The record sounds immaculate by the way, rather than going to for the dungeon dwelling production of so many of their peers, Seven Doors have crafted something that feels good to listen too and that you can get completely immersed in from even a single listen. 

Seven Doors are a veritable force in the underground. Their unrelenting assault is addictive, and the way that they drop gloriously chunky riffs and throat slitting performances is entrancing. This is death metal done with a lust for blood and hearing it ripped out at such a high level is a delight. Seven Doors understand the inherent magic of the genre, and the teeth gnashing brutality of songs like "Welcome Back To Life" is addictive. Join me in getting lost in these blasphemies, because in these frigid times, they are all that we have. 

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