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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Haxanu - Totenpass


Haxanu captured our collective imagination back in 2020 with their thrilling debut Snare of All Salvation. Now, the project which features Alex Poole of Chaos Moon and LC of Lichmagick has returned with another triumphant offering, Totenpass. This is a record that seems to provide an elegant fusion of Norwegian black metal pomp with Hellenic black metal ferocity. The larger than life compositions and dynamic songwriting is immediately engaging and from the first listen it's clear that Haxanu remains a special project. 

There is a glorious sense of evil that fuels this record. The blazing guitars that inspire the darkness of songs like "Thriambus-Threnoidia" are breathtaking. Meanwhile, the synths that pad out the production are really wonderfully executed. It's impressive to hear a band who is able to use them so consistently with such aplomb. Haxanu find an impressive emotional depth on Totenpass and the bands ability to consistently conjure up bitter images of a world best forgotten is impressive. Another key point is the sense of urgency, even the songs that spill over the 10 minute mark on Totenpass never drag. Everything has been pieced together with a clear vision. 

Totenpass is a veritable force. It's a record that draws you in and is unrelenting in the crippling assault that it lays out before you. This being said, rather than using brutality as a weapon, Totenpass is intentional in its artistry. Though tremolo picked guitars reign supreme, this is an album full of potent soundscapes and clear sonic visions. Haxanu have further refined the brilliance they conjured up a few years before and have wound up with one of the most impressive black metal offerings I have heard come from the states all year. 

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