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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Skala - The Secrecy


The Czech black metal scene is bubbling with potential these days. And it makes sense - the scene has long created potent artists, and this latest iteration of the scene can't help but to excite. There is a breadth to Skala's new offering The Secrecy that reflects that. This is a truly magical offering from Chris Danacek of Infera Bruo (That name alone should trigger some of your interest), inspired by childhood memories and the beautiful country he comes from. That being said - this isn't a pretty record, but rather one that reflects the internal darkness of youth. 

The Secrecy impresses because of the quality of the songwriting and the simplicity of the execution. Skala doesn't get sidetracked by any trends or modern movements within the scene. Instead it focuses on pure black metal darkness, evoking bleak forests and forgotten paths deep in the woods. This is the music of a band who will force you to come to terms with the stark realities and gorgeous tranquility of Central Europe. The Secrecy is also a remarkably mature and realized effort despite being the first offering from the project. It's exactly the sort of thing to provoke my interest and keep me coming back in awe of what has been accomplished by this truly masterful musician. 

Skala are a force to be reckoned with a d an artist who I think is going to be rapidly coming up within the ranks of the Czech black metal scene. When you find yourself suffocating under a storm of blasts, as on tracks like "Spirit" it is hard not to be charmed by the inherent darkness and glorious misery of what Skala has crafted. The Secrecy is a wonderfully dynamic and engaging offering, one that highlights the power of their national scene. Join me in immersing yourself in these transcendent, strippe ddown riffs and unrelenting blasts. 

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