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Friday, December 2, 2022

Worm - Gloomlord

Gloomlord has always been an interesting record to me. It was a landmark in the modern state of death doom and really spoke to how talented Worm had become and where they were at as a band. It's an album that pushes the listener to delve into strange new depths and which practically drips with slime. There are few albums ever that have conjured up this level of murk, but Gloomlord seem to find a way to conjure it up naturally. Getting lost in this morass is a pleasure, one that has me thrilled to review an album that evokes such twisted emotions. 

It's rare that you find an album whose sound is really captured by the album art, but such is the case with Gloomlord. The mangroves and dripping woods that the art depicts nicely evokes the creepy soudns within. Eerie synths lay over top of colossally slow death doom riffs. The moments they do speed up, as in "Abysmal Dimensions" is a fascinating and bizarrely thrilling change of pace that leaves you on the edge of your site, curious for the next demented step in this journey into these accursed woods. The depth of this music is inspiring, and it proves that Gloomlord is worth many a listen as you attempt to navigate the depravity within. 

Worm have always been a band apart, and Gloomlord was perhaps the first point where they proved they were onto something far creepier and weirder than so many of their peers. This is a wonderfully demented album and one that I think fans of the underground are going to consistently find themselves in awe of. Gloomlord is the sound of walking through the creepiest woods you've ever seen in the darkest night you've ever experience, and it is triumphant, twisted and oddly beautiful. You know you want to get lost in this.

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