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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Foretoken - Triumphs

It's always cool to hear an American band with a wonderfully European sound. Such is the case with Virginia Beach's symphonic death metal duo Foretoken. Their new album Triumphs is nine tracks of horns raising madness. This is a band who understand the magic of the European death metal scene and whose clear vision and cutting execution makes for a record that is addictive and speaks to the power of this music. While they aren't reinventing the steel, this is certainly a record with a deeply powerful concept driving it forward. 

Triumphs impresses because of the overarching quality of the compositions. These are songs that are unrelenting and addictive. At best they are anthemic, with larger than life choruses getting devotees screaming along. It builds on a lot of elements of the bands debut whilst feeling far more professional and showcasing a sound that feels profoundly more polished. The end result is a record that is wonderfully addictive. Touches of melodic death metal and black metal really help to fill out the sound and give Foretoken a sound that is wholly their own. The synth padding also comes in to add a wonderfully epic touch to proceedings.

This is an album that is going to really charm a certain subset of metal fans looking for something more melodic and European in style. While this probably doesn't fit as much in the current US zeitgeist, this is definitely a group who would sit by side with their European peers, bands like Amorphis or Children of Bodom. It's an interesting approach and one that doesn't get nearly enough love these days. Triumphs is a blast and it's an album that is going to get fans of the underground excited, if you don't like it, you can leave the hall. 

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