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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Solus Grief - With A Last Exhale


Solus Grief is an interesting depressive black metal project emerging out of Norway and speaking to the torturous melancholy that this band has in its finest hours. With A Last Exhale is a surprisingly diverse and eloquent effort, a record that leans into its DSBM roots, but is unafraid to embrace other sides of what makes black metal so special. The end result is a thrilling assault on the senses that keeps listeners engaged and reminds us that at some point we will have to have a last exhale of our own, by our own choice or not. 

With A Last Exhale is a thriller, any way you slice it. There is a very real charm to this album that captures the imagination and brings listeners ever deeper into the beauty of what's been conjured up here. Solus Grief impresses not just with the breadth and variety of their compositions but also the level of emotion they're able to communicate. This is an album that leans into so many of the wonderfully dark visions of suffering that we all must confront. The end result is a record that is haunting at best, a driving effort that claws at the soul and forces listeners to deal with their own fragility as they seek a path forward in a world where nothing is certain.

Wonderfully frigid and not a little bit terrifying, Solus Grief conjure up new waves of misery on With A Last Exhale and consistently show listeners what sets them apart. With A Last Exhale may not necessarily be turning the page, but it is a potent reflection on the melancholic beauty of this music and is sure to keep listeners entranced as they indulge in the moribund lessons of this sorrowful work. With A Last Exhale is frightening and powerful. Letting yourself get immersed in these ministrations of sorrow is a unique experience you won't soon forget.

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