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Friday, March 10, 2023

Heimland - Forfedrenes Taarer


Traditional black metal is meant to feel old. In fact if it doesn't feel old you might ask yourself what you're even doing at that point. The best black metal is able to evoke medieval magic and carry listeners back in history with tales from othertime. Heimland are a group who understand this and execute on it with aplomb on their new album Forfedrenes Taarer. This is Norwegian black metal in the grand old style, meant to capture the imagination with grandiose compositions and larger than life imagery that hints at all that is to come. 

Forfedrenes Taarer is a record that leans into so many of the wonderfully dark elements of the underground and has a sort of blistering magic that is wholly its own. Heimland have quickly shown their skill as black metal composers and the roaring magic of tracks like "Iskald Raaten Jord" is certain to transport listeners into realms of darkness that few have experienced. There is something delightfully Norwegian about this band with its blasted soundscapes and austere grimness. It's the exact sort of thing that keeps fans digging in and immersing themselves in these classic moments of blackened glory time and time again. 

I'm deeply in love with the frigid presentation and crippling assault that Heimland unveil for us on this album. It's charming and relentless, the sort of blistering and blasted black metal that speaks to a sort of larger than life reality that the genre can conjure in its finest hours. Forfedrenes Taarer is not reinventing the steel, they are reinvoking a wonderful and very old version of it. Heimland understand what it means to create old feeling music and drive us ever deeper into the past as they charge forward with each of these anthems.

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