Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Lumsk - Fremmede Toner


Lumsk have returned after a 16 year hiatus with a bombastic and powerful record that honors their folk metal heritage but promises so much more. This is a band who have delved deep in themselves to craft an album that is powerful and emotional, a record fully aware of its heritage and the incredible history that it represents. Fremmede Toner is a thrilling offering and a record that feels incredibly vast in scope. In other words, exactly the album you expect after 16 years of silence.

There are so many contributors and such a great vision here it's impossible to understand an album like this in just one or two spins. Just look at the band picture and you'll see seven members whose work interlocks on this album with interwoven male and female vocals, impressive instrumentation and progressive explorations that showcase the skill of the musicians included. It's a take on folk metal as it could have been, if the core 'metal' side wasn't inspired by black metal but instead lighter, proggier influences.  

Fremmede Toner is a charmer, an album that draws you in and rewards listeners who take the time to really wrap their heads around what's been crafted and put on display here. Lumsk understand the fundamental magic of both folk and progressive metal and their ability to fuse these ideas into a grander whole and speak to potent sonic highways is a ton of fun. Join me in getting lost in these dark Norwegian pastures that seem to highlight the beauty of nature and thousands of years of tradition, it's a magical journey.

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  1. This album is simply fantastic. The musicianship, song structure, and production have all melded together into a cohesive ride which will tickle the ears of anyone. You'll keep going back and respining these songs over and over. This is an album for a generation of prog fans who have been searching for something new and refreshing. Belive me... You have found it.

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