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Friday, April 21, 2023

Bandit - Siege of Self


Brutally honest. Heavy. Unrelenting. Such is the power of Bandit's devastating new album, Siege Of Self. This is a band who have long stood apart, and now a decade into their career have put out a record that finally lives up to their sheer potential. I've been seeing this band since they played coffee shops in the suburbs, but at long last they have a record that captures just how powerful and compelling they can be at their best. While not losing site of their primitive powerviolence roots, they've created something emotional and exciting. 

It's almost shocking how personal Bandit get on Siege Of Self. The brutal realities they paint and the horrifying stories of past trauma outlined here are simply mind melting. It's the sort of thing that makes your skin crawl in both its honesty and the way that it forces us to really come to terms with the monsters and the suffering within us all. The individual musical performances on this record are insane too. Far from drop tuned odes to brutality, Siege Of Self sees guitarist Jack McBride dropping incredible performances that speak to their development as a musician. Meanwhile the drumming performances of Gobinda Senchury are at a whole new level - it's thrilling to hear. 

Siege Of Self is a new brand of grindcore. It's a record that pays fitting tribute to the bands influences, bands like Discordance Axis and Gridlink. The evolution Bandit has gone through over the years has been incredible, from teenagers being loud and obnoxious in a School of Rock to crafting thoughtful and powerful epics. This is a record that I think fans of the underground are going to be stunned by and which goes a head and shoulders above so many of their peers in the current scene. What's not to love from these broken hearted, bitter masters of the craft? 

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