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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Blood Ceremony - The Old Ways Remain


After years of absence, the almighty occult rock powerhouse Blood Ceremony have returned. Long thought to be a lost legend of the underground, their work has always impressed with its gloriously witchy compositions. A group that spawned legions of imitators, it's good to hear the masters of the craft back, unleashing retro magic in a way that none of their peers could ever really claim too, consistently impressing listener sand speaking to just how talented these folks are as songwriters. This is an entrancing record and one that is beautifully evil. 

Blood Ceremony capitalize on many of the classic elements that made their sound so compelling in the first place on this album. The Old Ways Remain has a remarkably old school vibe and a singular magic that helps to make it compelling and addictive.The band has long since established a reputation as an underground force and one who capture the power of occult rock. It's hard not to be thrilled by this if you're obsessed, as I am with groups like Coven or even Jefferson Airplane. Perhaps more than any other band in the scene and genre, Blood Ceremony are the real deal, and they consistently prov the old ways (Of rock) remain.

It's weird to listen to a record like this, one that I've anticipated for so long from a band who I quite honestly thought I'd never hear from again. But not only have they made their return, this is some of their best work with danceable anthems and the same jangly classic rock guitars that helped to make the band such an interesting force when they first started all those years ago. If you're looking for a band who do the Seventies rock revival properly and who will consistently capture the imagination then this is most certainly the band for you, and this comeback is going to keep you endlessly thrilled.

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