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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Chrome Waves - Earth Will Shed Its Skin


The American post black metal scene feels like it's going through a bit of a resurgence in recent years. Chrome Waves are one of the most potent acts in this movement, bringing together members of November's Doom, Nachtmystium, Wolvhammer and Abigail Williams to present an offering that is emotional and powerful, a record that is transcendent in its compositions and hints at what more this band could be. It's a fitting next step for a group who seem to be only just at the beginning of their musical career. 

Chrome Waves perhaps impress the most with the breadth of their work. This is a record that seems to elegantly glide from shoegaze inspired moments to more heart stopping black metal. The influences of groups like Agalloch are clear, as is the impact of European acts like Lantlos, or hometown heroes The Atlas Moth. Earth Will She Its Skin is full of many of the genres classic tropes, but the execution is flawless and it belies a deep understanding of what this music was all about in the first place. Immersing yourself in the potent vibes that Chrome Waves conjure up is a treat and speaks to just how good they are as songwriters. 

Earth Will Shed Its Skin speaks to a lot of cool stuff cooking in the underground metal world right now. It's a record that I think people will look back at as being a fitting reflection of a sound that many people are falling back in love with. Chrome Waves have found a way to unleash post black metal that is melodic, powerful and wonderfully addictive. The band continually captures the imagination with their dark ministrations and tortured vocals. Letting yourself get lost in this misery is far too much fun and will keep you enchanted. 

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