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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Graande - S/T


Now this is an interesting one. Graande is an ambient black metal project from Nachtzeit of Lustre and a new vocal and lyrical collaborator known only as Nichil. The end result is Graande an offering that is frigid and brooding in its black metal munificence. This is a record that leans into many of its underground tropes and which captures the imagination with larger than life synth compositions that pad out droning black metal riffs. Graande lean into many of the elements that help to make ambient black metal so interesting and consistently unveil new layers of darkness. 

The rich sonic textures and austere atmosphere of Graande certainly aren't for everyone, but for those of us looking for something transcendent or even meditative in our black metal, then you could certainly do a lot worse than this. Though their debut may merely be an EP, it hints at a lot more to come, with a clear cut vision and vibe leading the charge and showing listeners exactly how special Graande can be when taking their music to bold new heights. This is ambient black metal done right and it's certain to win over converts quickly. 

Graande is the sort of release you find yourself spinning on repeat. It's a record that, while it certainly doesn't evolve the genre, shows a very deep understanding of it. It reflects a sot of deeper humanity that is always going to attract those of us who were born in the dark and choose to immerse ourselves in these layers of blasphemy. With touches of dungeon synth and hints of 90s Norwegian black metal, Graande have quickly found a way to unveil black metal sorcery as their own tool and will leave listeners coming back in awe.

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