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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Cel Damage - No Volume


 Anytime you've got 12 songs in under 20 minutes you know you're in for a wild ride if nothing else. Such is the case with Cel Damage's new record, the mindblowing mathcore masterpiece that is No Volume. This is a challenging and intense offering from these High Desert freaks. There is a wonderful madness to their music, with its skronky performances, screamo influences and unrelenting wall of sound assault. Cel Damage have found a way to make listeners choke on the overwhelming abyss of noise unveiled on No Volume and it is glorious. 

While No Volume is certainly a challenging listen, for a certain subset of fans enamored with grindcore and mathcore, then Cel Damage are hitting all the right notes. It's a record that is abrasive, but that uses these abrasive elements to become deeply engaging and fascinating. No Volume eagerly chokes listeners on bitter pills and repeatedly reminds them of the insufferable rot that we all have to come face to face with every day. The thing that really strikes me here though is the production, there is a massive scope to this record, best captured on tracks like "I Was Catfished", the album closer, which nicely showcases interlocking waves of sound choking listeners out. 

No Volume is a delightfully in your face listen, a record that is unapologetic in how weird it is and seems to embrace some of its darkest moments eagerly. Cel Damage is the sound of a band who understand just how bleak their music is and the weird soundworlds that they inhabit. No Volume is the chaotic sound of creativity running unfiltered and for those of us who are emotionally ready for the blitzkrieg it's going to be hard not to fall in love.

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