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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Seek - Kokyou De Shinu Otoko

Kokyou De Shinu Otoko translates to English as 'The man dies in his hometown.' It's also the debut full length from Seek, who have finally unleashed this first album after twenty years as a band. It's a mosnter effort though, a record full of raw emotion and rich in its production. There are some truly impressive performances shaping this album, and the deeper one delves into Kokyou De Shinu Otoko the more clear it becomes just how special this project is. It's more than just black metal to sooth the savage beast, it's an aural assault to haunt the mind. 

Perhaps what's most engaging about Kokyou De Shinu Otoko is the intensity of the album. The drum performances in particular are stellar. Tracks like "Ikyouto" are sparkling in their bombast and the athletic drum performance really adds to the relentless blasting of the music. This is only augmented by a very strong mix which not only gives the individual instruments to breathe but also ensconces the listener in a veritable wall of sound. It's black metal done with a spirit of punishing darkness fascinating listeners and encouraging them to delve ever deeper into the profane sound world that they have created for devotees to immerse themselves in. 

Seek have gone above and beyond on their debut and the years of experience that went into crafting this record have clearly paid off in a big way. Kokyou De Shinu Otoko is an emotional listening experience, dragged forward by the intensity of the vocals and brought to crashing conclusions by thrilling drum performances. It's a record that reminds us exactly why Japanese black metal is so exciting and forces listeners to come to terms with their own inherent darkness. Grab a copy today because this is going to be an underground favorite. 

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