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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Tsjuder - Helvegr


Thirty years into their career and eight years after their last full length, Tsjuder return with Helvegr the bands sixth album, and one that proves once more just how talented and visionary these Norwegian black metal masters are. Helvegr is a clear evolution on Tsjuder's sound, a record that builds on the twisted vision of the band as they continue to crack listeners skulls with raw energy and unyielding sonic offerings. This is black metal done to leave listeners suffering and shivering in the wake of their dedication to blasphemy. 

Helvegr is an impressive offering to say the least. It's a record that builds on so many of the past excellent elements of the Tsjuder sound and makes them all the more impressive. Tracks like "Gods Of Black Blood" are surprisingly melodic and showcase a breadth to the songwriting I don't think we've heard before from Tsjuder. Meanwhilethe drum performance on this album by Jon Rice (Who weirdly is the drummer of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats) is breathtaking. This is all rounded out by some truly excellent production, Pal Emanuelsen, who at one point was actually in Tsjuder does an excellent job handling the mix here. 

Tsjudger have proved that they are still growing and becoming even more wonderfully twisted decades into their career. This is a monumental offering from the band and a record that I think black metal devotees are going to find wonderfully exciting. It's an album that has all the old intensity but benefits from years of work and musical growth. Helvegr is bitterly blasphemous, and for those of us who are enamored with that kind of thing there's few records that will come out this year that can top what Tsjuder are about.  

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