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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Thy Catafalque - Alföld

For a quarter of a century Thy Catafalque have crafted some of the most interesting and mind bending black metal known to man. Their ability to blend new wave, jazz, neo folk and so much more into their unique black metal vision has always been a fascinating piece of the bands vision, and Alföld only builds on that legacy. This is a record that proves once more just how talented Thy Catafalque are and the scope of the vision that they bring to the table, leaving all of us devotees in awe once more of what has been accomplished. 

Alföld songs are as multi layered as ever and presents the same dynamic and multifaceted vision that we have come to expect from Thy Catafalque. The Hungarians find new ways to intermingle their unique swathe of influences into something marvelously musical and oftentimes wonderfully weird. This is perhaps one of their less 'out there' releases though, and the album certainly offers something that fans of Ulver or Solefald will want to hear time and time again. It's a record that has a wonderful dynamic range and immersing yourself in that vision is a delight. Gorgeously produced and flawlessly paced, this is a bold and beautiful take on black metal.

It speaks to just how talented Thy Catafalque are that every release is utterly thrilling and something that you can get lost in for spin after spin.The way that Alföld so eagerly twists and turns is delightful. One moment you're indulging in blast beats and another there's a wild jazzy synth solo blowing your mind, or avant garde strings leaving you in awe. Thy Catafalque understand the inherent beauty of black metal and all that it can and should be. Letting yourself experience the wizardry of this next phase of their career is a must.

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  1. Over the past 25 years, Thy Catafalque has consistently produced captivating and thought-provoking black metal. Their ability to seamlessly incorporate elements of new wave, jazz, neo-folk, and more into their distinctive black metal sound is a testament to their artistic vision. With their latest release, Alföld, the band further expands on their already impressive musical legacy. This album I saved in Gb whatsapp pdf serves as a reminder of Thy Catafalque's immense talent and the vastness of their creative vision, leaving fans in awe of their accomplishments once again.