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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Demonized - Abyss Vanguard

Mexican black metal just hits different. The country has a unique take on the genre that is uniquely warlike and vicious, guaranteed to thrill devotees of the underground looking for some of the most evil takes on black metal that are out there. Such is the case with Demonized whose new album Abyss Vanguard is an absolute monster of a record, an album that careens forward at a million miles an hour and forces listeners to choke on the bitter realities that establish the bands sound as something apart, something crushing and something undeniable. 

Abyss Vanguard shines because it feels hellish in its vision and execution. The hyper speed drums and war metal guitars come together to make a musical experience that feels like the world is crashing  down around your ears. The chaotic terror that they unveil on Demonized is delightful and speaks to the horrific unrealities that Demonized portray in their music. This is black metal done with a taste for blood and a vision for demented futures. Hearing the snarling vocals barely blurted out over the manic musical performances is far too much fun and gives the album a very strong and undeniable sense of underground sorcery.

Demonized is a band who grasp the power and magic of the underground. They are a band whose breakneck assault and ferocious performances come after decades away from the band but with endless experience working in this scene. Though it may have been twenty years since the last Demonized album, Aybssal Vanguard is proof positive that they are just as good as ever, and those of us who once stood in the shadow of their past work are going to be forced to come to terms with this new twisted offering that stands for those once loyal. 

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  1. Wow, it sounds like Demonized's new album, "Abyss Vanguard," is an absolute beast! Your description of their music and its impact is vivid and captivating. Mexican black metal indeed has a reputation for its unique take on the genre, and it seems like Demonized has successfully embraced that distinctiveness.

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