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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

End Reign - The Way Of All Flesh Is Decay


End Reign is one hell of a super group. Featuring members of All Out War, Exhumed, Noisem, Integrity, Pig Destroyer, Misery Index, Bloodlet and more. It's a veritable tour de force of the underground and nicely reflects many of the classic elements of this scene. This makes sense as the mastermind behind the project is Dominic Romeo of the legendary A389 Records. (And also Integrity) The Way Of All Flesh Is Decay is a record htat clearly pulls from hardcore, but also death metal, glam and so much more. With some really elite players executing throughout the record, the end result is an album that simply leaves listeners in awe, even after a few spins. 

The fun of The Way Of All Flesh Is Decay is exactly that though - it is in Dominic Romeo's words, "like riding a rollercoaster in a theme park based on all the extreme music I’ve enjoyed throughout my life," and honestly I couldn't find a more accurate description myself. Be it through the Disfear-esque stomp of "Divine Abysmal End" or the flashy Sebastian Phillips guitar solos that help to give the album so much of its charm, End Reign are on some other shit. Toss in guest appearances from Dylan Walker of Full of Hell, Dwid Hellion of Integrity and weirdly Ed Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots and you find yourself with something bizarrely charming and wonderfully exciting.

If you're looking for a good time metalhead stomp executed by some of the most impressive heavy musicians in their generation, then this album is for you. The Way Of All Flesh Is Decay is an incredibly fun album and one that seems eager to showcase the myriad influences that have helped to craft some of this generations best metal. Immersing yourself in the violence is going to be far too much fun when it drops July 14th.

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