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Monday, June 5, 2023

Protean Shield - S/T

It's Monday morning here in Brooklyn so of course I'm going to dig into some Greek power metal. Protean Shield's new self titled album not only has an absolutely righteous title, but it's also a wonderful example of the genre in 2023. Full of classic true metal ministrations and over the top vocals, Protean Shield find a way to capture the imagination with soaring performances and broad production. The record is polished and fun, and while it may not be reinventing the genre it certainly is a worthwhile listen for true metal fans. 

No Remorse Records has succeeded for years now in finding some of the best new true and power metal and this album ties nicely into those themes. Protean Shield understand the tropes of the genre, and are able to consistently prove that they can hang with the best. Given excellent vocal performances, wild guitar histrionics and some truly athletic playing it's hard not to be charmed by the soundworlds that Protean Shield present to us on Protean Shield. This is power metal for the power metal devotee 0but it never gets so over the top as to induce eye rolls. Balancing the wonderfully epic moments with that in mind is a deceptively difficult task and they pull it off with aplomb.

Protean Shield is a step above a lot of the true metal underground right now - make sure you take notice before they start to really pop off! This is metal to get your hands in the air and fans singing along loudly. It may be retreading classic ideas - but those concepts are classic for a reason, and for those of us who love those choruses and flashy solos then this is going to be a lifeline.

Pre-order the album!

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