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Monday, July 10, 2023

Belial's Throne - Forgotten Land of the Lost Souls


There is something to be said for the still beating heart of the extreme underground. Those who keep it aggressively old school and who have no desire to embrace a future they do not agree with. Such is the power of Belial's Throne, an international black metal collective whose new album Forgotten Land of the Lost Souls is a powerful war cry of hyper speed, monochromatic black metal sorcery. Exactly the sort of thing that those of us still in love with 90s black metal like Sacramentum or Naglfar are looking for out of an album. 

Forgotten Land of the Lost Souls impresses with its unrelenting sonic assault but also the dedication to the old school. Belial's Throne have found their own way to add to this vast, classic cannon. While they certainly aren't reinventing the steel, this is an album that leans into so many of its gloriously dark visions and thrills listeners as they unveil ever grimmer visions of frostbitten woods and snowy landscapes. This isn't music for novices in the genre, but rather those whom relentless blast beats and tremolo picking is viewed as a plus. This album is a nice outgrowth on the groups debut EP Pavor Nocturnus and only starts to hint at what's to come. 

If you're looking for classic feeling black metal with solid production and an unrelenting attack then this is the album for you. Belial's Throne is a band who understand the frozen heart of black metal and who consistently drive towards ever grimmer pastures. There is something wonderfully mesmerizing about Forgotten Land of the Lost Souls and letting yourself get lost in that misery is a rare treasure. Let these blast beats wash over you and free yourself from the beasts within.

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