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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Ch'ahom - Ts'ono'ot

 Ts'ono'ot' is a 12 minute, one song EP of cosmic terror filled blackened death metal. It's our first taste of Ch'ahom a German unit gearing up to unleash what promises to be a hellish first album. The monstrous production and wells of sonic torment are going to alienate those who have not commited their lives to this darkness. But for those of us long committed to the sound worlds of Sentient Ruin and its myriad signings, this is simply another wonderful addition to the pantheon.  Ch'ahom prove that they are exactly the kind of force that underground freaks crave on Ts'ono'ot. There is something marvelously and freakishly wrong about this composition. It's epic in scope and taunts your sanity. If you're looking for twisted black metal from the abyss, then this is for you.

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