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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Pains - Smoldering Willows/The Suffering Is The Point


It's Tuesday morning - what better time for 9 minutes of punishing grinding death metal from the freaks in Pains? Their new two song single Smoldering Willows/The Suffering Is The Point is a punishing offering that balances blast beat fueled intensity with some truly gnarly riffs that are sure to knock your teeth out. There is a sense of high volume devastation that reverberates throughout this single and it's got a certain charm. The guitar tone in particular is just immaculate and it speaks to a band really ready to take the next steps. 

 Fusing classic death and grind influences with a sense of dynamic range, Pains are very quickly able to establish a clear and menacing vibe on this release. It's only compounded by the breathtaking performances and bone grinding playing. The counterbalance of the less than 2 minute long "Smoldering Willows" with the nearly 7 minute barn burner "The Suffering Is The Point" is an interesting choice too and one that nicely showcases both sides of the band, in all of their intense, blood curdling agony.

Listen here:

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